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Raccoons can be extremely aggressive when cornered or threatened, especially if a nursery is being defended. Litter sizes vary in size from year to year, but can be up to as many as 6 in one litter.  
Wild Island Pest Management uses only Humane Trapping methods when removal is required.


Fully certified through Bird Barrier For all products including, OptiCA Gel, Stealth Netting, Ledge Products, Bird Wire, Restoration/Cleanup and more.


Skunks spray is excreted through scent glands. When threatened a skunk will display its aggression by, charging, stomping its front paws and of course releasing its foul musty odor.
Wild Island Pest Management uses humane traps and trapping methods when removal is required.


Timing is crucial when considering evicting Bats from buildings.

 Bat exclusions should only take place from the beginning of September until the end of April.

Mice & rats

Mice and rats are dangerous for your home and family members. 

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Restoration is an important part of the removal process.

 Let us take care of this integral part and ensure it’s done right the first time.

Animal Proofing

Animal Proofing helps extend the life of your property and reduce the risk of unwanted guests. 

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Facts about foxes